Attracting Buyers

How Do You Attract Qualified Buyers?

When you list your house, you want to attract the attention of qualified buyers eager to purchase property like yours.  So, how does that happen?

Most buyers find homes to look at on line, either through listings sent to them by their real estate agent, or by themselves on one of the national listing web sites, like, RE/, Trulia or Zillow.  It’s very important, then, to attract the attention of both the buyers’ agents, and the buyers themselves.

Agents are important, because you want a buyer’s agent to choose to show your home to their client.  There are many possible properties an agent can choose from.  In order for an agent to choose to show your home, it must look like something the buyer would actually buy.  That means it must be presented well, with professional photography to show off its amenities, and it must be a good value relative to other similar homes the buyer will be visiting.  That does not mean it has to be the least expensive.  Value is a combination of price and amenities.  It simply has to be a reasonable combination of the two in the agent’s eyes.  Agents know areas and neighborhoods well, and may suggest homes to buyers that the buyers themselves may not have thought of.

Buyers may find your home on line and request a showing, either from the listing agent, or from a buyer’s agent they are already working with.  Professional photography and exposure on many web sites is key to attracting buyers’ attention.  While buyers initially may have a limited idea of value, it doesn’t take too long before active buyers become very savvy about the comparative value of homes, based on their price and amenities.

This means that both accurate pricing and broad exposure of your home to both agents and buyers is key to success.  When we meet, we will discuss in detail the appropriate marketing plan for your specific home.

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