Viewing Homes

The Home Shopping Process

Here are a few questions and ideas to consider when viewing homes to help make the process easier and more productive:

  • Does the home have your “needed” features (those features you must have)?  For example, number of bedrooms, closet space, kitchen size, etc.
  • Does the home have any of your “wanted” features (those features you’d like to have but would be willing to forgo)?
  • What is the general condition of the home? (Are there signs that the owners have kept up with repairs and maintenance?)
  • Will the home need any major repairs, remodeling or renovations? Is there anything, such as the furnace, that may need to be replaced soon?
  • What do you like most about the home?
  • Is there anything about the home you don’t like? Is it something that can be changed, and would making that change be within your budget?
  • Are the homes in the neighborhood well-kept?
  • Do you like where the home is situated in the neighborhood?
  • Does the neighborhood itself have what you want? (For example, access to public transit, shopping, local parks, etc.)

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